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  • Florida Introduction
  • Florida Top Attractions
  • Top Cities in the state
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Florida Introduction  
  1. Florida is an incredible state to visit, especially if your focus is on fun. With the abundance of beaches, incredible night life and culinary delights it is no wonder Florida is such a hot spot for those on holiday. The amount of entertainment in the state will take people by surprise with top ranking theme parks, leading attractions and cities which all offer a different level of excitement. Perhaps most complete state in North America.

Florida Top Attractions  
  1. Everglades

    Another great daily excursion is a visit to the easily accessible Florida Everglades, a must for all nature lovers. This waterlogged saw grass plain is filled with alligators and provides a great contrast to the more developed tourist areas on the eastern coastline. This unique ecosystem has been recognised as a UNESCO world heritage site because of its complex climate, vegetation and variety of wildlife.

  2. Kennedy Space Centre

    The Kennedy Space Center is also worth a day trip. This is where NASA launches its shuttles into space. The visitor complex proves to be a fascinating experience where tourists can view the shuttles and rockets that blasted numerous astronauts into space as part of the Apollo Missions decades earlier.

  3. Beaches

    Florida’s beaches are some of the finest in the United States. The long eastern stretch of coastline is the most popular and is home to trendy resorts such as West Palm Beach, Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale. They are year round destinations that attract visitors of all ages. Although typically thought as ‘spring break’ destinations, in recent years they have developed into exclusive communities attracting some of America’s wealthiest citizens shedding their previous hedonistic party image.

  4. Theme Parks

    Let’s face it, a trip to Walt Disney World is something many children dream about but also will soften and spark the imagination of even the most discerning travellers after a few hours exploring its many delights. When wondering round the vast complex it is impossible not to notice the smiles on the faces of adults and children alike. Alternatively, Universal Studios another immensely popular choice and is a must for all movie fans. Some of the more popular rides available are:  Men in Black, Transformers and Jaws. Those wishing to venture afield will appreciate Busch Gardens near Tampa.

  5. Key West

    Just off the coast of Florida is Key West, the most southerly point of the United States. Visitors will find the vibe is decidedly laid-back, a result of the many writers, artists and hippies who moved on to the islands several decades earlier. For many, a visit to Key West feels more like a Caribbean island than the rest of Florida, making it great for a day trip and a contrast to the rest of the peninsula. It is part of the Florida Keys, which are a 100 mile long chain of islands just 90 miles north of Havana, Cuba. In the 1980s they were synonymous with drug smuggling but today have the reputation for being an outdoor lover's paradise. Fishing, snorkelling and scuba diving are the dominant tourist industries, making it one of the must-see areas of Florida.

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Top Cities in the state  
  1. Tampa

    Located on the western shore of Florida is Tampa, a small lively city with a vibe that is positively infectious. It boasts an enviable cultural infrastructure that wouldn’t look out of place in larger cities including a range of fantastic museums and art galleries. It is also home to Busch Gardens, one of the most popular theme parks in the state.

  2. Orlando

    Orlando is the most visited city in the state for obvious reasons. Disney World, Universal Studios and SeaWorld remain a huge draw for those looking wanting a perfect family holiday. Yet Orlando itself is also worth visiting with its charming tree-lined boulevards and patchwork of proud community neighbourhoods.

  3. Miami

    North of Mexico, you won’t find a city more Latin than Miami. Large communities of Cubans, Colombians and Haitians now call this city home, creating one of the most vibrant and exciting cultures on the continent. Juxtaposed against Miami’s stunning pastel shaded art deco architecture and the sparkling South Beach shore, it makes for a city like no other. Miami attracts both culture vultures and sophisticated partygoers in equal measure. It is without a doubt the nightlife capital of Florida, with its lively bars and clubs that line the famous Ocean Drive.

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Arriving in the State
  1. Florida is a hub and major destination within the United States so getting there should be quite easy. Most airports around the world will have available routes to get you there safely and quickly. Because there are several airports, before choosing the one you want, determine which city or cities you want to explore. All major cities have a nearby airport and each airport offers car hire. Florida makes it convenient for you to get around! You can choose your rental and start exploring the area.

Reasons for Car Hire
  1. Ensuring you have your own vehicle arriving in the great state of Florida will open the door to a grand adventure. Of course, two of the most famous parts of the state are the beaches and tropic Everglades. There are many beaches throughout the state with cities Daytona Beach, West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale some of the must visit attractions. Some of the beaches allow you to drive on the sand, park your car and picnic while enjoying the surroundings. With a car hire, Florida beaches are accessible and convenient. You can pack some food and drinks and then enjoy your time with your car as your central meeting spot. You will be exploring the state in no time.