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USA Introduction  
  1. A trip to the United States promises an abundance of natural and cultural marvels. From the sweeping plains of the Midwest, mountains of the Rockies, cacti laden deserts of the Mojave to the multifaceted social fabric of the nation’s many urban centres, the United States is a country of unparalleled variety. The icons of America are hardwired into our shared cultural conscience, whether it be the sweeping skyline of downtown Manhattan, the Hollywood sign perched over the Los Angeles foothills or the imposing rock formations at Monument Valley, the list is seemingly endless. For many, a lifetime viewing of American movies will make them feel they have visited many times over, and that is before even setting foot in the country.

USA Top Attractions  
  1. Major Airports

    Many of the visitors to the United States will pass through one of its major international airports. The largest of these are JFK in New York, LAX in Los Angeles and O’Hare in Chicago although there is many more located in one of America’s many regional centres. Many tourists arriving via aeroplane use car hire to navigate in the United States.

  2. Natural Beauty

    With its vast offerings of man-made attractions, one could easily forget America is home to some of the most spectacular scenery to be found anywhere on earth. The Grand Canyon is one of the few places that can truly be described as jaw dropping and is a must see for any road trip through the western states. Running through the spine of the country, the Rocky Mountains are home to some spectacular peaks and world-class ski resorts. The autumnal colours of New England are a sight to behold attracting tourists from around the world.

  3. Top Cities and States

    The majority of visitors to the United States come to experience one of its many great cities. The largest and arguably most famous of these is New York City, its buzzing energy and a plethora of iconic landmarks attract tourists from around the world in droves. California’s laidback Pacific vibes, stunning range of scenery and dazzling cities prove to be a major draw for travellers. Florida’s year round favourable climate and wealth of attractions and activities make it a great family holiday destination with Walt Disney World proving to be a major hit for children. Many holidaymakers head to Las Vegas for the ultimate escape and a few frenzied nights on the Strip in one of the many mega casinos. The best way to experience a vacation is to use car hire while in the United States.

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Top USA Roadtrips  
  1. North Pacific Highway
    San Diego to Seattle
    2,020 Km

    San Diego > Long Beach > Los Angeles > Santa Barbara > Santa Cruz > San Jose > San Francisco > Eureka > Portland > Seattle


  2. Coast to Coast
    Portland to Boston
    4,990 Km

    Massachusetts > New York > Pennsylvania > Ohio > Indiana > Illinois > Iowa > Nebraska > Wyoming > Utah > Idaho > Oregon > Portland


  3. Highway 61
    New Orleans to Minnesota
    2,221 Km

    Louisiana > Mississippi > Arkansas > Missouri > Iowa > Minnesota


  4. Route 66
    Chicago to Los Angeles
    3,945 Km

    Illinois > Missouri > Kansas > Oklahoma > Texas > New Mexico > Arizona > California


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Travelling around North America
  1. Travelling around North America - Renting a car is the most convenient and efficient way to explore the United States with astonishing range of car hire options available. Its huge network of highways and smaller roads means it’s possible to reach almost any corner of this vast country. Unlike Europe, fuel prices here are dramatically cheaper meaning it is entirely affordable to cover vast distances.

    The United States rail network covers a large portion of the country and most major cities. Unlike many European countries there is currently no high-speed rail links meaning many train journeys are time-consuming affairs with a journey from the east to west coast taking in excess of 3 days.