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Spain Introduction
  1. Whatever you fancy from a European holiday, Spain and its selection of fine islands will have you covered. If sun and beaches are your thing than look no further than the fantastic east coast and Balearic Islands. With Mallorca and Menorca islands located in the Mediterranean Sea, you can guarantee to find the level of sunshine and white sand equal to world’s top destinations. Mainland Spain offers something a little bit more different, with 44 World Heritage sites, a history mixed from much of Europe and art work on show from some of the world’s most famous names, the more culturally inclined will have a field day after picking any of the amazing cities.  Madrid, in the very middle of Spain is obviously a very popular destination but Barcelona is equal to the capitals tourism. Alternatively, one of the less known cities could be a great idea, Murcia, Malaga and Valencia on the East coast are peaceful cities or Valladolid and Zaragoza closer to Madrid could be a wise choice.

Cities of Interest  
  1. Alicante

    Alicante is a destination that exudes Mediterranean ambience. Millions of tourists flock here each year and it’s not hard to see why. Long stretches of white sandy beaches, sunny weather, an attractive centre and vibrant night life helps make Alicante an irresistible combination. Many tourists stop in Alicante to hire a car and explore the Costa Brava.

  2. Malaga

    The birthplace of Picasso, historic Malaga is an animated port city set against the sparkling azure waters of the Mediterranean. Its newly restored attractive city centre is full of leafy boulevards, trendy boutiques and lush-parks. In recent years it has witnessed a booming cultural scene. It comes as little surprise that that the recently opened Pablo Picasso museum is a major draw for tourists to the city. His birthplace located on Plaza de la Merced is also a pilgrimage made for many art enthusiasts. The Centre for Contemporary Arts, located inside a former wholesale trade market is home to a great collection of works of modern art and various installations. The Interactive Museum of Music hosts one of the largest collections of musical instruments in Europe.

  3. Murcia

    With a desirable climate, close to the Balearic Sea and tourist fuelled attractions, Murcia is a growing city for many of Europe’s holiday seekers. With many of Spain's lesser known cities close by, each with their own culture and styles, Murcia is just the starters of a Spanish escape. To reach all these popular cities and to fully get the most out of your time, car hire is very useful.

  4. Ibiza

    Ibiza is known for many things but primarily for its exotic nightlife and social events, but this is only a small section of this great island. For one, the natural beauty the island has on offer is pure and numerous, many of Europe's top ranked beaches are spread around the coast and found in some spectacular natural surroundings. Alternatively, visiting any of the local historical landmarks or indulging in the local cuisine is a perfect way to spend a day. This is, of course, under sun and all year warm climate which is arguably the islands biggest attraction.

  5. Barcelona

    You'll struggle to ever find a more complete city then Barcelona. Cultural importance, fine art, brilliant architecture and world class sport are only starters for a Spanish adventure. The works of Antoni Gaudí are spread across the capital with the grand cathedral Sagrada Família visable from afar, or for a completely different atmosphere, the Nou Camp home of the famous FC Barcelona  is a another popular tourist hotspot. For a different approach to the city, exploring the exciting streets with their high tempo atmosphere or some of the best city beaches in the world are all great choices.

  6. Madrid

    The capital of Spain and an amazing location for culture, atmosphere, entertainment, art and environment. Madrid is a wonderful city and one almost designed so you never want to leave. With its very modern city centre with fine shopping and dining surrounded by the old parts of the city including the Madrid Palace and Peurta de Alcala, its a unique city. But this is only the beginning of your Madrid experience, with plenty of attractions from both the ancient and modern half’s of the city, collect your car hire and explore all the wonderful sights and experience this fantastic culture.

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Driving Requirments
  1. Country Driving Rules: Spain

    Keep to the: RIGHT

    Seatbelts: Compulsory for all passengers, fault is on the driver.

    Children Seat Rules: Children under the age of 12 and fewer than 135cm tall must use a child seat. Children over 135cm tall are allowed to fully use adult seat belts.

    Speed Limits: 50Km/h in build up areas 90-120 Km/h on motorways depending on road category (clearly signposted)

    Alcohol Consumption Limit: 0.05%, over the limit is a straight €500 fine. Over 0.12% can result in a 6 month jail sentence and 4 year driving ban.

    Mobile Phone Use: Mobile phone use (including earpieces) is illegal unless using a completely hands free device.

    Road Conditions: Mainland Spain roads are well kept and in great condition.

    Weather Conditions: With Spain having a Mediterranean climate you can expect to find a great year round level of weather. During summer months the heat can get very high so keeping well hydrated and resting from driving few hours is well recommended.

    Vehicle Break down Rules & Requirements: Spare tyre, warning triangle and reflective jacked are required to be in the car at all times and to be used when breaking down major roads.  

    Emergency Assistance Number: 112

    Traffic Lights: Standard 3 colour system (Red, Amber, Green)

    Other: Full beam lights and un-necessary use of cars horn are illegal in built up areas except in an emergency/to prevent an accident.

    Rader detection units are illegal.

Spain Top Airports
  1. Madrid–Barajas Airport, MAD, Madrid
    Barcelona–El Prat Airport, BCN, Barcelona
    Málaga–Costa del Sol Airport, AGP, Malaga
    Alicante-Elche Airport, ALC, Alicante
    Ibiza Airport, IBZ, Ibiza