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Republic of Ireland

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  • Republic of Ireland Introduction
  • Cities of Interest
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Republic of Ireland Introduction  
  1. With a globally known atmosphere, cultural surroundings and the entire package that Ireland brings as a whole, the country is one of the most popular holiday locations among European tourists. What many people come to experience is one of two things, the nightlife or the beautiful views. During the day there is nothing better than to take a drive around the heart of Ireland and to take in the picturesque views whilst visiting any of the historic settlements or discovering the hidden treasures; at night, Dublin comes alive, pubs and Ireland go hand in hand so enjoying a night out sipping one of the national beverages is a must.

Cities of Interest  
  1. Dublin

    Ireland is globally famous for fantastic culture, amazing nightlife and stunning countryside. All three points are at their finest in the Irish capital Dublin. After seeing Vikings, Normans and finally becoming an independent country, Dublin's historical landmarks and architecture are always dominant, but with a modern influx of the young and trendy tourists, Dublin has become an exciting attraction for many European holiday goers.

  2. Cork

    Cultural activities play such a huge part of Cork that you are sure to find something to enjoy while visiting the city. For anyone who enjoys performing arts you will certainly get your fill with a variety of dance, stage, film, music and literature venues designed to showcase the local talent. While enjoying the sights and sounds of Cork, indulge in some of the local fare and dine on traditional Irish cuisine.

  3. Shannon

    Shannon is a unique holiday destination simply because of how new the town itself is. It was established in 1960’s primarily as a residential area for those working nearby. It was not as successful an endeavour as desired, though so reformation occurred to make it more suitable for those in the area including improvements to shopping centres and sites. The natural scenery including marsh lands, caves and wildlife are breathtaking in the area and perfect for those who wish for a simpler, relaxing holiday where they can enjoy local fare, sip some Irish coffee or ale and escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and responsibilities.

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Driving Requirments
  1. Country Driving Rules: Republic of Ireland

    Keep to the: LEFT

    Seatbelts: Compulsory for all passengers.

    Children Seat Rules: Speed Limits: Children under 3 must be fitted into a rear facing child seat and disabled air bags (if placed in front row of car), children over 3 AND under 150cm/36kg must also be placed in child seat.

    Speed Limits: 50Km/h in residential areas, 60-100Km/h depending on rural location and 120Km/h on county motorways.

    Alcohol Consumption Limit: 0.05% or 0.02% for young drivers. Random breath tests are in force throughout the country.

    Mobile Phone Use: Mobile phone use is illegal unless using a hands free device.

    Road Conditions: Good and well kept in all parts of the country.

    Weather Conditions: Often wet and windy conditions with high level of snow in the winter months. Nothing to worry about unless extreme conditions.

    Vehicle Break Down Rules & Requirements: No enforced equipment, just pull to the side of the road and use hazard lights until vehicle is able to move again.

    Emergency Assistance Number: 112 and 999

    Traffic Lights: Standard 3 colour system (Red, Amber, Green)

    Toll Roads: Several toll roads are in use, if you use one you have until 8pm the following day to pay it.

    Driving Health and Safety Tips: Drive smart and the Republic of Ireland should not prove a problem for any experienced driver with good roads, patient drivers and pleasant climate.

    Other: The local police are known as Garda

    Unless an emergency, the use of a horn in forbidden between 23:30 and 07:00.

    Ireland has no fixed speed cameras however uses mobile units. The use of radar detection units in forbidden and may be confiscated by the local police.

Republic of Ireland Top Airports
  1. Dublin Airport, DUB, Dublin
    Cork Airport, ORK, Cork
    Shannon Airport, SNN, Shannon