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  • Portugal Introduction
  • Cities of Interest
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Portugal Introduction  
  1. With an amazing climate and with a long list of tourist attractions to visit, Portugal is a very popular holiday hot spot. For anyone planning their Portuguese escape, the choice you need to make comes down to which of the three major locations to visit. Porto with its ancient city centre and unforgettable architecture; Lisbon, the capital of the country and the oldest city in Western Europe; Finally Faro, the door which opens to the glorious Algarve with the sun and sand many tourists want from a Portuguese vacation. With each city less than 3 hours away from one of the others, car hire can allow you to explore the entire county with simple ease.

Cities of Interest  
  1. Faro

    With one of the most favourable climates in Europe, it isn’t hard to see the appeal of the Algarve region. Millions of sun-starved Brits, Germans, Dutch and Scandinavians flock to southernmost region of Portugal on package holidays each year. Most are attracted by the 200km of beautiful coastline, pristine beaches, affordable prices and laid back atmosphere.

  2. Lisbon

    The oldest city in Western Europe and a hugely popular place to visit by tourist worldwide, Lisbon offers much for all with its global importance in art, entertainment, economics, digital media, education and of course, tourism. Lisbon is a city which does everything well, has a well laid out transport and road system, a clean and efficient city centre and plenty of attractions for solo travellers, families or romantic couples. With car hire, Lisbon is only the start of a holiday alone Europe's west coast.

  3. Algarve

    With one of Europe's best year round climates and an almost infinite stretch of coastline and golden beaches, it doesn't take long to see why the Algarve attracts tourists from around the globe. Either taking a winter escape or a summer holiday, the Algarve is one of the most relaxing locations in Europe and meets of the needs of any curious adventurer.

  4. Porto

    One of the most ancient cities in all of Europe, the whole of downtown Porto is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its pure beauty and many historical buildings. With its great year round climate, stunning classic architecture and with a modern twist of entertainment venues and cultural centres, it’s no wonder why Porto is quickly becoming one of Southern Europe most popular tourist cities.

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Driving Requirments
  1. Country Driving Rules: Portugal

    Keep to the: RIGHT

    Seatbelts: Compulsory for all passengers.

    Children Seat Rules: Children under 12 and fewer then 135cm must be placed in a child seat and when possible in the back seats of the car. Children under 3 must be fitted into a rear facing child seat and disabled air bags if travelling in the front of the vehicle.

    Speed Limits: 50Km/h in built up areas, 55-90Km/h depending on the road outside built up areas and 120Km/h on motorways.

    Alcohol Consumption Limit: 0.05%. Between 0.05% and 0.08% will result in a fine and confiscation of driving licence for at least a month. Over 0.08% will result in a fine and withdrawal of driving licence for up to 2 years.

    Mobile Phone Use: Mobile phone use is illegal unless using a hands free device.

    Road Conditions: Road conditions are good and well kept in cities and towns. Travelling longer distances especially from city to city is easy with an extensive road network and plenty of modern duel carriageways.

    Weather Conditions: The summer months of Portugal can get rather hot so it is recommended to keep well hydrated and to carry plenty of fluid with you at all times.

    Vehicle Break Down Rules & Requirements: Despite not being compulsory for tourists (is a legal requirement for residents), we recommend you carry a reflective jacket in the glove compartment of your vehicle and a warning triangle in case of breakdown.

    Emergency Assistance Number: 112

    Traffic Lights: Standard 3 colour system (Red, Amber, Green)

    Toll Roads: Portugal does have several toll roads which you can buy a pre-paid device for.

    Other: It is illegal to carry speed camera detection units which will be confiscated.

    It is also illegal to carry bicycles on the rear of your vehicle.

    Snow tyres and spiked tyres are prohibited.

Portugal Top Airports
  1. Lisbon 'Portela' Airport, LIS, Lisbon
    Francisco Sa Carnerio Airport, OPO, Porto
    Faro Airport, FAO, Faro