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United Kingdom | Edinburgh

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  • Edinburgh Introduction
  • Edinburgh Top Attractions
  • Cities of interest
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Edinburgh Introduction  
  1. To show the diverse level of entertainment Edinburgh has on offer, look no further then Edinburgh Castle, the iconic tower above the city, and Edinburgh International Festival with the Fringe and Military Tattoo being known around the globe. But this is on the stares of a Scottish holiday with an amazing zoo, plenty of theatres, museums and galleries and of course the Scottish Highlands. With so much to see and do, Car Hire is the best way to get to each of these first rate attractions.

Edinburgh Top Attractions  
  1. Pentlands Hills Regional Park (11Km (To Entrance) 20 minutes)

    A mountain range just outside the city and roughly of equal size. You can explore many peaks and reservoirs spread across the Scottish landscape.

  2. Edinburgh Vaults

    What used to be a selection of taverns and tradesman under the street of Edinburgh now plays host to tours and special events.

  3. Edinburgh Zoo

    With many state-of-the-art environments housing everything from Pandas to the great named Large Hairy Armadillo and all the animals in between.

  4. Scottish National Gallery

    The building itself is stunning, what you can see inside is even better. Rated as one of the greatest collections in the world, you can find masterpieces from both local talent and some of the best international artists.

  5. Arthur's Seat

    Robot Louis Stevenson was quoted as describing it as "a hill for magnitude, a mountain in virtue of its bold design" and to be honest, that pretty much sums it up!

  6. Edinburgh Castle

    An obvious no.1 choice but a good one. The heart of Edinburgh which can be seen high above the city skyline is simply an awesome sight and MUST see attraction.

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Cities of interest  
  1. Aberdeen (200Km, Just over 2 and a half hours)

    Simply a very attractive city with lots of small things to do from great shopping to museums, art galleries and parks.

  2. Inverness (250Km, About 3 hours)

    Surrounded by the Scottish highlands and important battle grounds, the drive there is beautiful. In the city you can expect to find a pleasant atmosphere with several great sights.

  3. Dundee (100Km Nearly 1 hour and a half)

    So much history is to be found in this coastal city. Great architecture is common throughout the veins of the city and the RSS Discovery is the real big attraction.

  4. Glasgow (75Km, Roughly 1 hour)

    The largest city in Scotland with the highest population. Most people know Glasgow for its two football teams but thankfully has much more on offer.

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Top Driving Tips
  1. As part of the UK you drive on the left, follow the speed limit and don't drink & drive. Scotland is much more rural than parts of England so a GPS or detailed map is highly recommended if you are planning on going adventuring.

At the Airport
  1. The airport sees around 9 million passengers per year and for an average sized airport it handles it well. There are plans to expand in the next couple of years which will help to improve passenger turn-around. Food made out of fresh ingredients and local whiskeys are on offer and great for a quick present.

Airport Location  
  1. You can get to Edinburgh city centre from the airport in less than half an hour and Glasgow in less than 1 hour making the airport perfectly located.

Car Hire at the Airport
  1. The airport has multiple options for everyone. For a quick getaway you can find car hire desks in terminal but if you aren't in a rush then there are alternative options either in the surrounding area or needing a shuttle bus to take you.