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United Kingdom | Jersey

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Jersey Introduction
  1. The small island of Jersey maybe closer to France then Britain, but holds strong connections to the British Empire. With a deep history which extends over 1000 years and both Bronze and Iron age settlements recently being found throughout and being owned by both the French and British at times of its life, history  is a major attraction. Many museum, castles and historical points of interest are there to be seen by all who wish to discover a truly fascinating history. What else the island has to offer comes in the form of natural sights. A surprisingly high level of great beaches can be found and a slightly more desirable climate than main land England.

Jersey Top Attractions  
  1. Portelet Common

    See the plant life and local wildlife found on the island on this headland which counts as a Jersey National Trust site.

  2. Channel Islands Military Museum

    Considering the island is so small it has seen a massive amount of war. This museum housed in a ex-German bunker show more of the history of the World Wars.

  3. St. Brelade's Bay Beach

    A beach so good you could be forgiven in thinking you're on the Canary Islands. The golden sand is well kept, the sea is great for swimming & surfing and, depending on the time of year, the sun isn't half bad either.

  4. Elizabeth Castle

    Out in the English Channel is Small Island with a massive castle. At low tide you can walk the beach to get there or at high tide you can ride either Charming Betty or Charming Nancy.

  5. Jersey Museum & Art Gallery

    As a reassembly small Island, Jersey has a incredible amount of history. Everything from the history of the Jersey Cow to the largest Celtic Coin collection can be discovered in this great time killing site.

  6. Mont Orgueil

    Or Gorey Castle in English is the major landmark of the island and overlooks the closes point to France which can be seen on a nice day.

  7. Durrell Wildlife Park

    Maybe not the Zoo you want to visit for large mammals but certainly great to see many rare or endangered life which the zoo is aiming to breed and give a boost to their numbers.

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Top Driving Tips
  1. Basically, if you are experienced at driving in rural Britain then you're likely be safe, if you drive in towns and cities then you may struggle. The 350 miles of roads are in good condition but many of them are narrow and often can only handle 1 car at a time. Drive on the left; don't ever park on yellow lines and traffic lights DO NOT have an amber light so watch out.

At the Airport
  1. Which started life as four grass runways has now evolved into a decent single tarmac runway airport which sees a respectable amount of business a year. Now, with a single terminal for international and domestic flights you will find a decent amount of food stalls and Cafes plus stores to get your basic needs before you travel in the bulk of the island.

Airport Location  
  1. The airport is to the west of the island but still only less then 10Km from St.Helier, the islands capital. Both St.Peter and St.Brelade are under 5Km away and are both popular places to start the adventure. Realistically, it will never take more than an hour to get from any point of the island to another, if you get a clear run then it's probably closer to 30 minutes.

Car Hire at the Airport
  1. Arriving at the airport you have two options, both global names, one of which has a desk in terminal, the other with a desk in the airport car park.