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Portugal | Lisbon

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  • Lisbon Introduction
  • Lisbon Top Attractions
  • Attractions to go and explore
  • Airport Location
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Lisbon Introduction  
  1. The oldest city in Western Europe and a hugely popular place to visit by tourist worldwide, Lisbon offers much for all with its global importance in art, entertainment, economics, digital media, education and of course, tourism. Lisbon is a city which does everything well, has a well laid out transport and road system, a clean and efficient city centre and plenty of attractions for solo travellers, families or romantic couples. With car hire, Lisbon is only the start of a holiday alone Europe's west coast.

Lisbon Top Attractions  
  1. Parque Dad Nacoes

    Lisbon is a city full of deep history, this park is the opposite. With some stunning modern architecture including Europe's longest bridge and a modern cable car, it's certainly a nice escape from the sometimes overpower history.

  2. Berardo Museum

    A millionaire's private collection on show to the general public. Dali, Warhol and Picasso are all on show as well as many modern European greats.

  3. Jeronimos Monastery

    A 500 year old stone build World Heritage Site which poses a striking figure on the Portuguese landscape. The building is amazing and should surely have a couple of hours spent exploring.

  4. Lisbon Zoo

    On the outskirts of the city you can find a stunning zoo with several hundred species of fascinating creatures. You can also catch many brilliant shows and performances.

  5. Lisbon Oceanario

    Literally in the bay Parque das Naceos you can discover a great aquarium housing a great selection of aquatic animals both above and below sea level.

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Attractions to go and explore  
  1. Moors Castle (27Km, 25 Minutes)

    Drive to down town Sintra and take the bus to the top of the hill and you will find interesting castle. This may not anything special but the views you get are truly spectacular.

  2. Cascais (35Km, roughly half an hour)

    After having a picturesque drive to this coastal town, simply getting out your car and walking the streets is a nice escape.

  3. Quinta da Regaleira (28Km, roughly 30 minutes)

    An ancient mansion surrounded by brilliant gardens. Many exhibitions can be seen within the buildings walls or explore the gardens and discover and magic spots waiting to lose yourself.

  4. Vasco da Gama Bridge

    It may only take 10 minutes to cross but this 17Km bridge takes you from Lisbon to Montijo and will certainly provide some extraordinary views of the Portuguese coastline.

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Top Driving Tips
  1. First thing to remember is to drive on the right and be careful of police as they do often make random stops. Like most of southern Europe, some drivers do have a low level of patience. Realistically, driving in Lisbon itself isn't needed as the city has tight roads and is often busy; however the moment you leave the city a car really becomes useful and is a must if you are aiming to travel even just 20 minutes away.

At the Airport
  1. Lisbon Airport is the main international airport for the Portuguese capital of Lisbon. The airport is regarded as one of the best in Western Europe and is well noted for its cleanliness, high level of maintenance and great layout. It's no surprise to find all of the modern equipment found in other major airports with a level of shopping found in high-end stores.

Airport Location  
  1. The location of the airport is basically part of Lisbon itself. You're looking at 15 minutes from leaving the airport to the heart of the city with no traffic. Outside the city, it takes about half an hour to get to Mortijo, Cascais and Sintra so all nice and close. Portugal isn't a massive country so driving to either Porto or Faro will only take a couple of hours with good traffic.

Car Hire at the Airport
  1. You have plenty of option when collection car hire at Lisbon airport with everything from low cost to high end automobiles. Car Hire can be found in the arrival hall as well as a several other companies in the surrounding area.