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Greece | Crete

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  • Crete Introduction
  • Crete Top Attractions
  • Top Natural Attractions
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Crete Introduction  
  1. The largest of the many Greek islands and receiving the climate from the Mediterranean and North Africa, weather is the main attraction for visiting Crete. However don't be fooled into thinking this is all the island has to offer as the sunny climates is only to scratch the surface. The islands knows how desirable of a holiday location it is and plays into this cliché with plenty of fantastic resorts, restaurants and clean & tidy beaches waiting for one and all.

Crete Top Attractions  
  1. Limnoupolis

    A great family friendly water park with some near vertical water slides for any adrenaline seeker but also plenty of pools and Jacuzzis for people simply wanting to relax.

  2. Botanical Park of Crete

    This is the kind of place where you can get lost for several hours walking and exploring the plant life found living in the Mediterranean sun.

  3. Knossos Palace

    Ageing back to at least 1,100BC, what you can expect to find is the art and architecture of a civilisation long gone.

  4. Aquaworld Aquarium

    Maybe not the largest aquarium or have the most inhabitants but what it does have are staff members who look after their animals and help to make a friendly environment.

  5. Chania Old Town & Harbour

    It may be quite puzzling to navigate the old cobbled streets of the town but discovering all of the nice little cafes, restaurants and shops is the way to see Crete at its finest.

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Top Natural Attractions  
  1. Lake Kournas

    The only freshwater lake on the island and the ideal place to go swimming or explore the banks.

  2. Samarian Gorge

    The longest gorge in Europe, walking the 10 miles between the two rock faces is a fascinating journey and well worth the foot ache.

  3. Balos Lagoon

    The road is a bit perilous and the path steep but one there you can find a completely hidden beach and perfectly clear waters demanding to have a entire day spent exploring.

  4. Dikteon Cave

    A cave of pure legend, discover the birthplace of Zeus, God of sky and thunder, high above the plains of Lassithi. Both picturesque views and hidden myth can be found at this unique location.

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Top Driving Tips
  1. You need to be slightly careful whilst driving as, like many small islands, the locals have a certain way of driving. They aren't bad drivers but can be inpatient and something's lack manners. Do your research and follow every sign you see and you should be fine.

At the Airport
  1. The island has two international airport with the main being the Heraklion. This will change in 2015 with the opening of a new airport which will see the end of Heraklion. As you can imagine, the current airport is rather small and has the simplest needs but still an efficient airport.

Airport Location  
  1. Heraklion airport is only half an hour away from Heraklion city. Crete is pretty small so you can get to the East and the West in just over a couple of hours and the most Southerly point in an hour and a half.

Car Hire at the Airport
  1. Car Hire is pretty well represented at the airport with multiple companies having desks in terminal or several options close by which will require a shuttle service of pre-arranged car drop off.