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Canary Islands

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  • Canary Islands Introduction
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Canary Islands Introduction  
  1. Even if the Canary Islands count as part Spain, they deserve their own page. With a near perfect all year climate with golden sandy beaches and the kind of turquoise sea famed to the islands, millions of tourists from around the globe visit the islands wanting to discover all that is on offer. The only difficult choice is which of these amazing islands you want to spend your holiday. Yes, each island has the beaches, sun and sea, but each has a different culture, different history and all have a completely different environment.

Canary Islands  
  1. Tenerife

    The largest of all the Canary Islands and with an annual tourist reach of over 5 million. The capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, is a well rounded city with all the modern needs of most tourist however more then likely your holiday will be located at one of the resorts scattered around the islands coast.

  2. Fuerteventura

    The second largest of the 7 islands, Fuerteventura is the islands with a higher level of cultural importance, lots of wildlife and an very perculiar landscape. If you're someone who wants to learn about a new culture rather then spend the whole holiday on beaches, Fuerteventura is the island for you.

  3. Gran Canaria

    A circular volanic islands with only a 50Km diameter, this island called Gran Canaria is always a popular choice among European tourist due to it being nicknamed 'The Miniature Continent'. This is because the islands offers so much in the way of white sand beaches, lush green valleys and rocky mountains.

  4. Lanzarote

    Probably the most known of all the Canary Islands, Lanzarote is the best choice for those wanted to simply relax of a perfect beach and under the famous Canary Island sun.

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Driving Requirments
  1. Country Driving Rules: Canary Islands

    Keep to the: RIGHT

    Seatbelts: Compulsory for all passengers, fault is on the driver.

    Children Seat Rules: Children under the age of 12 and fewer than 135cm tall must use a child seat. Children over 135cm tall are allowed to fully use adult seat belts.

    Speed Limits: 50Km/h in build up areas 90-120 Km/h on motorways depending on road category (clearly signposted)

    Alcohol Consumption Limit: 0.05%, over the limit is a straight €500 fine. Over 0.12% can result in a 6 month jail sentence and 4 year driving ban.

    Mobile Phone Use: Mobile phone use (including earpieces) is illegal unless using a completely hands free device.

    Road Conditions: Each island is slightly different but mostly is great condition. Major and minor roads should not cause any problem.

    Weather Conditions: Good all year weather and warm climate on each island. Despite each island never requiring long travel, it is recommended to keep well hydrated and to keep water for emergencies.

    Vehicle Break down Rules & Requirements: Spare tyre, warning triangle and reflective jacked are required to be in the car at all times and to be used when breaking down major roads.  

    Emergency Assistance Number: 112

    Traffic Lights: Standard 3 colour system (Red, Amber, Green)

    Toll Roads: Toll roads are dependent on island.

    Other: Full beam lights and un-necessary use of cars horn are illegal in built up areas except in an emergency/to prevent an accident.

    Rader detection units are illegal.

Canary Islands Top Airports
  1. Tenerife South Airport, TFS, Tenerife
    Fuertevetura 'El Matorral' Airport, FUE, Fuerteventura
    Gran Canaria Airport, LPA, Gran Canaria
    Lanzarote Airport (Arrecife Airport) ACE, Lanzarote